Liposuction (Spot Fat Removal)

Welcome to our center for transformative Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, where dreams of a contoured body become reality. Liposuction is a surgery to remove excess spot fat from body parts. The surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia. The procedure is done through small 2 mm holes in the desired places and suctioning the fat using special vacuum machine. Since it is key hole surgery there are no major cuts and scars. Although the results of liposuction may contribute to an improvement in an individual’s body image and self- esteem, it will not change or improve relationships or solve psychological problems. We'll explore the benefits, procedure, and expert insights into Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, helping you make an informed decision about enhancing your body contours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the candidate for liposuction?

An ideal candidate for liposuction can be characterized as having:

  • Good elasticity of the skin so it will shrink adequately after the underlying fat has been removed
  • Stable weight for 6 months prior to that surgery
  • Good health
  • A regular exercise program
What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

It is a relatively new technique where sound waves are passed along the cannula causing emulsification of the fat prior to aspiration. This allows the surgeon to get closer to the skin surface which results in tightening of the skin. The ultrasonic technique is also called Vaser and it provides an added dimension of safety in high volume fat removal. It also provides an added advantage over the other techniques in areas of the body that are fibrous such as ankles upper back and breasts in men(Gynecomastia) and areas of the body that are poorly supported by underlying muscles such as the inner thighs.

Can dieting /exercise eliminate the need for liposuction?

Liposuction is meant for people who are close to their normal weight or have moderate obesity and through diet and exercise they are unable to get rid themselves of unwanted fat deposits. A typical example is the saddlebag or "riding breech" deformity on the upper outer thigh. This is often an inherited problem that persists despite vigorous exercise and dieting. Liposuction is most suitable for areas which are resistant to diet and exercise.

What are the areas suitable for liposuction?

The fat deposits collect in the hip, buttocks, and thigh areas are quite suitable for liposuction. A more shapely leg can be created with liposuction by removing fat on the inner and outer thigh, the inside of the knee, the upper portion of the calf and ankle. Liposuction is not limited to buttocks and limbs.Fat can also be removed from the abdomen of individuals who have good muscle tone and skin elasticity without the necessity of tummy tuck. Similarly, liposuction of the neck, jowls, and cheeks gives a better profile without the need for more extensive surgery. The procedure can also be used for reduction of excess fat in the arms and in the lateral portion of the breasts. Men appreciate the benefits of liposuction of reducing their love handles and pot bellies and gynaecomastia.

What involves in a liposuction procedure?

First, a pre- operative consultation for physical examination and body analysis to determine whether it is possible to achieve the results through liposuction. The physician will evaluate the fat deposits and underlying muscle tone. They will also note any pre- existing scars, hernias, or asymmetry which may affect the outcome.

Are there any alternatives?

First, a pre- operative consultation for physical examination and body analysis to determine whether it is possible to achieve the results through liposuction. The physician will evaluate the fat deposits and underlying muscle tone. They will also note any pre- existing scars, hernias, or asymmetry which may affect the outcome.

Second a pre- operative visit. During the pre-operative visit the patient is given all the necessary details related to the procedure including the pre-operative and post- operative instructions. A complete medical history and physical examination is performed. For the safety of the patient and the medical staff, pre- operative blood tests are done which include tests for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and blood stability.

Finally, on the day of the procedure patient is admitted to the facility and procedure is done in operation theatre under strict asceptic conditions and using appropriate supervision and suitable equipment.

Postoperatively either patient is made to waer a pressure garment which is custom made prior to operation and dischared home same day or after overnight stay in the hospital.

Will the surgery hurt?

The anaesthetic in the solution numbs the area to be treated so little or no pain is felt during the procedure. An aching sensation similar to what might be felt after rigorous exercise may be experienced for 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. Maximum discomfort is generally experienced 5 days after which is bearable with routine pain lillers.

Could more than one area be treated at the same time?

Many areas may be treated at one time, although the limiting factor is the hemoglobin level. The more fat removed, the greater the drop in the red blood cell level. If a large amount of fat removal is anticipated, the procedure is often scheduled over a series of sittings in order to avoid the necessity of a blood transfusion.

When may the normal activities be resumed?

Body movement and physical activity is encouraged after tumescent liposuction because it facilitates drainage of the residual solution.

Normal activities may be resumed within 48 hours of tumescent liposuction but activities should be restricted to 25% of that which would normally takes place, then gradually build up to a full routine by the end of one or two weeks.

What are limitations of liposuction?

Liposuction is not used for the generalized obesity. It is only effective in correcting unwanted fat in the specific areas of the body. People who are generally overweight first need to commit to a lifestyle change which will encompass a proper diet and an exercise program. Once a person reaches a reasonable weight and the remaining fat deposits are stable, liposuction may be considered for certain areas of the body.

Will liposuction get rid of stretch marks and cellulite?

Liposuction will not improve the appearance of stretch marks .Other treatments like treatments with topical tretinoin or laser resurfacing may be done is post op healing phase to reduce them.

In some cases liposuction may improve the appearance of cellulite.

Should weight be lost before liposuction?

A person’s body weight should remain stable for 6 months prior to surgery and should be maintained by weight management and exercise after the procedure is complete.

What are the alternatives to Liposuction?

Dieting to obtain an ideal weight, in combination with a regular exercise program, is the cornerstone to maintaining a healthy and attractive physical form. For many individuals, however, the ideal is not possible because of persistent deposits of fat that detract from their physical appearance. For these victims of fat liposuction is a potential solution.

Who performs Liposuction?

Plastic surgeons trained in liposuction techniques perform these procedures.

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