Ear Lobuloplasty

This procedure is done to treat torned ear lobes.The problem is caused by wearing heavy ear rings over a long period of time cuts through the ear lobe. This is evident by enlargement of the hole initially and gradually whole ear lobule splits into two.

The ear lobuloplasty to correct this problem is done under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis. The ear tissue around the hole is excised and the lobe is repaired in two layers incorporating a "Z" at the tip to avert the peeking. During this process the existing hole is closed.

The sutures are removed on 5-6th day and patient is asked to massage the area twice daily and wear clip on earrings.

Fresh holes can be made only after 3 months when healing is complete and it is recommended to make fresh hole at a different site and not at the top of the repair site.

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